Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Birthday Card

My husband and are are lucky to have 3 cool nephews! The oldest of them just turned 11!! Now all the Harry Potter fans out there in the world know that turning 11 is a big deal! It’s the day when you find out whether or not you’ve been accepted to Hogwarts!

Unfortunately, we can’t actually go to Hogwarts so I decided to make him a Hogwarts acceptance letter/birthday card for fun!


First thing was to go to Michaels and see what they had that I needed! Well, they didn’t have the Hogwarts stamp (not a surprise really), they didn’t have any stamping wax (slightly a surprise), but they did have some cool paper! 5 for $1!

So, I ordered the cool stamp and some wax from Amazon. Here are the links if anyone else is looking to do the same thing I did =) Stamp Red Wax


There are some cheaper options for the wax but I wanted to get it fast so I took the one with Prime shipping.

For the actual letter portion, I used Inkscape to write up my Birthday note, acceptance letter, and Hogwarts supplies list. The font I chose was Algerian … which I didn’t notice for sometime was an all capital letter font .. and for making sure I wrote it property, I copied the letter and supplies list from my Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Illustrated Edition. =)


The only thing I could find on the internet about making your own envelopes was to copy an existing envelope of the correct size … well I didn’t have any 7″ wide by 4″ tall envelopes just hanging around so I just kind folded the paper around my letters into an envelope shape …


Then I cut the paper to make it a little prettier and then glued the sides together.


Then it was onto the wax! I had only done this once before when I made my wedding invitations about 7 years ago (I used white wax and a stamp of our last initial, or rather my soon to be last initial, and decorated the invites with it and a lot of other stuff … they were really pretty!).

So! I did a test stamp first before doing the card. The important thing to remember is that the pile of wax needs to be as big or bigger than the diameter of the stamp you’re going to use or, well, it won’t turn out right.


I think the whole thing turned out lovely! I was super happy with the results! We meet up with family last weekend and I got to see our nephew open the card, I think he really liked it! I’m pushing for us all to go to Harry Potter World soon (It opens tomorrow, finally!). =)


Of course I addressed the front of the letter properly, making sure I put the location of his bedroom in the address =)

I love paper crafting, it’s so much fun!


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