March Puppy and Kitten Pics ~

Things have been super fun at our house lately! We went from two dogs and one cat to now having seven cats! 9 pets total! The amount of poop I now have to clean up is insane! =(


I posted awhile back, last September I think, about a stray cat we started feeding. I built her a little outside sleeping space and posted pictures of it too!  She only used the house twice that I know of … it wasn’t a big success but I enjoyed making it! Well, even without sleeping in the cat house she stuck around and we kept feeding her.

Then about a month ago we saw she was getting a bit chubby .. then we noticed she was decidedly pregnant! So, we did the responsible thing of course and brought her in! (The more responsible thing would have been to get her fixed last year but I digress)


Two days before due day!

We cleared out the bathroom (not small feat as our house is tiny and space is premium!), made her a vet appointment (she had worms and fleas) and watched her have kittens!


Kittens are less than 12 hours old here!

We got three kittens pretty quickly and then she went almost two hours without another so we went to sleep (by that time is was midnight) and in the morning we had 5 kittens!

They’re two weeks old now and are growing nicely! We’ve been weighing them every night so we know they are getting bigger!  Our little “Lillycat Momma” is doing a great job of taking care of them!


It is amazing how big they have grown in just two weeks! Their eyes are opening now and they are just starting to want to climb out of the nesting box!

Thanks to the kittens taking up most of this post, I don’t want to drag on with too many puppy photos but here is the collage I put together for Easter. I know, I know, I know … I love my puppies too much! =)

March was a good month for photos … April will be even better! ~~


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