More Cookies: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip!

Last week was Chocolate Chip, this week is Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip! Next week will be new types of “chips”!!

My husband and I super like cookies. I actually like cake more but I refuse to eat anentire cake on my own! =)

I hadn’t tried this particular peanut butter cookie recipe before and I think it could have used a more “peanut-ish” flavor. I’ll probably use my normal recipe next time. Anyways, up there is the ingredients list!

Starting at the very beginning: put the butter in the bowl, then turn on the mixer. I recently wondered whether or not everyone always beats their butter the same amount that I do, so I took a picture. That’s how I do it, when I make cakes (cakes that use softened butter in the batter) I beat it more.

Next, is adding the sugar … this is my favorite part! I don’t like anyone to see me during this part because I’m scooping bites of this sugar/butter mixture into my mouth! I don’t care how many spoons I dirty doing this either … it only matters that I get to eat this lol

Once I’ve eaten my fill (and my stomach starts to hurt a little bit), I add in the eggs, peanut butter, and vanilla.

Nice and creamy … but then I have to add in the flour and it needs a bit of mixing to get back to the right consistency =)

I started mixing in the flour on low and let it take its time to combine, don’t forget the baking powder too! That would be bad to forget!


See that there, up there? That isn’t done mixing yet. See that, down there? That is done mixing!


This is when I abandon my mixer, I take the bowl off the mixer and kinda fold in the chocolate chips. I have totally mixed in chocolate chips with the mixer but I don’t like listening to the mixer go “thump thump” every time it encounters a chip.

After mixing in the last ingredient, I prepped my cookie sheets and got ready to make some cookie dough balls!!

Oh yeah, and we’re also addicted to Oreo cookies … I never eat them plain (ie: out of the package), but I eat them all the time with cookies! Last weeks cookies had a mix of “On Oreo” and “Off Oreo” cookies … this week we went all “On”!!

Awe, not picture of the dough before cooking! Bummer! I did put the cookies in the fridge to chill for about 40 minutes before baking. That was important. In general though, I wish my oven was bigger. But, it’s not. So, I can’t fit two cookies sheets side by side on the same rack. Is that normal? I feel like my oven is abnormally small …
I was super happy with how these turned out! I did have the parchment get a little hot during cooking so I had to throw out two cookies that went form brown to black while in the oven. That’s no big deal though!

I guess I’ll  be posting more cookies soon!


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