Some Vegetarian Food ~

I was going to host Easter this past month, but I was let off the hook at the last second! In prep though I tried out some recipes!  Also, I came across a “certified vegan” cup of soup at my local .99 Store … Here is a quick review of that too 🙂

I tried Vegetarian Pot Pie. I adapted my recipe from one I found online … it called for a lot of things that I don’t really have on hand like fresh thyme … so I improvised… everything ..


Vegetarian Meat Crumbles (I use the Morningstar Farms ones); 1 package
Potatoes; x4 medium
Frozen Mixed Vegetables; 1 small Birdseye package (though fresh would have been better)
Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper
Tomato Paste
Onion; 1 medium (or part of a giant one from Costco)
Garlic; 3-4 cloves depending on size
Vegetable Oil

I basically fried my onions and garlic until soft, then put in the vege meats to soak up the flavor. Then, soy sauce, salt & pepper, and tomato paste … after I cooked it all together a bit I added in the frozen veges and cooked just until they were thawed.

For the mashed potatoes I literally just cut them up and boiled them until they were soft. Then I drain some water into a bowl, drain the rest of the water down the sink, then mash the potatoes with some salt & pepper, and a little butter.

Spread the potatoes on top of the vege mean and vegetable mixture and bake in the oven for like 30 minutes at whatever temperature you usually bake things at … my oven does very little at anything less than 400 degrees so I think I probably cooked this at 420.



Eggs; 3
Red Bell Pepper; half
Green Bell Pepper; half
Onion; half of a medium one
Salt & Pepper

I bought a tiny little 4 inch quiche dish from Daiso and decided to try making a quiche for the first time. I liked though it basically tasted like an omelette … no point to it really since an omelette would have been way faster …

Anyways, “fry” the onion and bell peppers in some butter until softened. Mix up the eggs, transfer everything to a quiche dish and bake. I think I had mine in the oven for about 20 minutes. I checked on it at 10 minutes and at 15 minutes to be sure it was on the right track.
Super simple.


I really enjoyed this and ate the left overs for several days at work for lunch! Maybe if I host Easter next year I’ll make this then =)

On to the cup of soup review!


I opened it up and it had a nice little packet of red colored flavoring on the inside.


Just a quick picture of the top to show the certified vegan stamp on the packaging.


Before cooking it looked like every other cup of soup though I don’t think I’d seen one with that nice of looking dehydrated mushrooms before …

I cooked mine in the microwave for two minutes and then let it sit on my desk for about 4 minutes before eating.


I enjoyed the soup. It was very mild in heat (from the spices) but mild is hot for me!


I really can’t believe that I got this for .99 as most vegetarian cup of soups start at $3 and go up from there! For the price it is definitely worth buying again. But eating soup at your desk at work means you need to cover your keyboard first … things can get messy! =)


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