Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Hollywood! ~~

I had been looking forward to this for sooo long! I kept contemplating a trip to Florida to go to Harry Potter World but knew that was unreasonable … And, when we went to Japan two years ago were there about two months before the Harry Potter World opened in Osaka! But, finally I have been rewarded and we have one in Southern California now! Yay! Hip-hip-hooray! =)


My husband and I visited on a Saturday and it really wasn’t that busy! I mean there were lots of people, sure, but you could still walk side by side through the little village!


The sign says “Please Respect The Spell Limits” when you first enter. I do think that maybe snow wasn’t the way to go for Southern California as it is the middle of July and about 75 degrees outside most days … But, the snow was pretty and sparkly =)


Of course, this view is the reason to go to the park! Looking up and seeing Hogwarts Castle? So cool! This of course is the ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey! Sadly they have the lines set up in a messed up way for this ride =(

You have to wait an hour outside in the sun, basically looking at nothing, then you get inspected to see if you have a bag. If your bag is small, you get told to “go to the left to get on the ride”, if your bag is big you have to go to the locker area …


The locker area was packed … they had it set up that you have to put your bags in the lockers  before you can go ride the ride … I don’t know how many lockers they had but that did not look fun! And, the estimate wait time was 2 hours when we got inline and we only waited in line for 1 hour before hitting the locker separation point … I wonder if waiting for a locker takes another hour??? =(

So! Once you’re told to go get on the ride you get to walk through the castle! There are all of these neat things to see but you’re walking through at a clip to get on the ride and don’t get to enjoy it! It really is poorly designed and I hope they make some changes … I wanted to enjoy the castle!


House Point Hourglasses


Headmaster’s Study Entrance

The ride itself was pretty cool! Though I did feel a bit sick after wards … probably had to do with standing in the sun for 60 minutes and then being tossed around like a doll for 3 minutes on the ride … I really hope I can enjoy it more next time as the effects were pretty cool (though maybe the Dementors were a bit scary!).


All of the shops had awesome little displays to look at! They were really elaborate! Also, if you had one of the special wands, that cost $47.95, you can even interact with the displays by “casting spells”!


There was lots of candy in Honeydukes, but I wanted more original stuff rather than truffles and Milk Chocolate Bars. I did get a Chocolate Frog and some Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans, but I haven’t tried them yet! Also, apparently Sherbet Lemon is just Lemon Drops? I got a jar because I like lemon drops and it has a cute label!

Sorry to back track a little bit but right when you walk in is the Hogwarts Express!


You had to wait in line to take a picture in front of the Hogwarts Express … but I didn’t want a picture with that dude in it so we didn’t do that lol =)


We ate in the Hogs Head around 4pm (no line to get in then!), and it was super yummy!  The only thing on the menu without meat was Macaroni and Cheese (on the kids menu) but when I asked she said they had a vegetable platter!

Now, if she had told me that there was a cup of peas on the platter I might have chosen the Macaroni lol But, it was good! The mashed potatoes especially! The asparagus was cooked perfectly but the plastic forks they provide you to eat with couldn’t really hack picking up the asparagus and the fork prongs broke off =(


This was definitely the only way to get some Butter Beer! Outside you have to wait in lines for 30-40 minutes to get butter beers! Here, you can order it with your meal! But, it was basically a frozen cream soda (according to my husband, as I’m not a fan of cream soda).

Wow … if you read this post you’d think I had a horrible time at Harry Potter World but I actually really enjoyed myself!!! =)

I really hope I can go back again soon (which probably won’t happen because the entire summer is one big black out date =(( ) …

Anyways, I had lots of fun!!!! And, everyone working there was super nice and friendly, I loved that!

Last picture of the artfully made chimneys!



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