Kitten Pics for April ~

Usually I post cute pictures of my two awesome pups at the end of the month but right now it’s all about kittens at our house! They are 5 weeks old now! A few more weeks left until they start leaving us and going to their forever-homes!

Humpty (top left), Starface (bottom left), Spots (middle bottom), Dumpty (middle top), Batman (right)

I had to name them since we’ve had them for a few weeks now and I love them so much! I didn’t pick maybe the cutest names … so I anticipate a name change in their futures but for now it works!

Dumpty looking quite pleased sleeping on a chair in the living room

The brown and grey kittens from left to right are Dumpty, Humpty, Spots … that black one “playing” in the middle looks like Batman!

Now that they can walk, getting them weighed every night is a bit harder … Spots (left), Dumpty (in the bowl), Humpty (in front)

We had to upgrade pyrex bowls this week from the 1qt to 1.75qt! They have really grown! The biggest ones, Humpty and Starface, are almost 700g each! That is about 1.5lbs! Amazing!

Out beautiful Mommy cat! Her name is Lilly!

We’re excited that someone might be interested in adopting Lilly since my cat Sweetie would prefer we adopt out all the cats and she return to being the only cat in the house! Sweetie is 13 and a little grumpy lol

Left to right: Dumpty, Humpty, Starface, Batman (black and white), Spots

Kitten piles! And, kitten paws!

Humpty (eyes open), Starface (black and white on the bottom), Dumpty (middle left), Spots (middle right), Batman (right)

Amazingly they all have blue eyes! We don’t know what color eyes the Daddy cat had (though we know he was black and white because we’ve seen him in the neighborhood). It’s pretty neat to see how strong Lilly’s genes were that all of her kittens have blue eyes and white paws!

Though the kittens spend most of their time in our only bathroom! They do make “field trips” into the kitchen and living room on a daily basis and they even meet with our doggies!

Lucy (left) and Penny (right) are showing good manners by sitting as the kittens enter the room!

Spots and Batman are by far the bravest of the kittens! Those two are always the first out the door and into the kitchen. Lilly, mommy cat, is getting better with the dogs playing with the kittens too! At first she would cry the whole time she couldn’t see them but as time goes by she’s more chill about letting the kittens play out of sight! I guess like any mommy would! =)

One last picture! I’ve been making/texting collages every week so everyone knows how cute they are! =)


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