I saved a lizard!

This is the first time I’ve personally saved a way-ward lizard! Since me and my Husband got married almost 7 years ago, he has had the sole responsibility of evicting the random lizards that find themselves unfortunately in our house!

Obviously, I was quite proud of myself! Though after taking these pictures I realized how dirty this corner doorway was and have since cleaned it! Wow was it filthy!

The lizard is in the doorway’s corner behind the child gate …

I guess 6 weeks of being indoors has dulled Lilly’s hunting instincts as she didn’t even notice the lizard. The lizard, that I’m sure entered through the window in her bathroom, must have crawled along the entire wall to get to this opposite corner!

I am quiet happy I didn’t see it climbing along the wall though as I surely would have screeched!


Lucy was also completely unaware of the lizard!

Step one was to build a “wall” of sorts to guide the lizard from the corner to my intended box (ie: the magical teleporter to the outdoors!)

I used duct tape to attach it to the wall and floor, needed it to be secure *nods head*

Lizard eviction in progress!

Step two was to put the teleporting box in place, use tape to attach it to the “wall” and then “guide” the lizard from the corner along the “wall” into the teleporting box! I used a gentle tap of my broom (the soft part) to nudge him out of the corner.


Also, this lizard was tiny! I only saw him because I went to sweep up the kitty litter in the bathroom and thought he was a hairband caught in the corner!

He is totally in there!

I then completed the teleportation! Lucy tried to help with this part but I shooed her away so Mr. Lizard could return the wild un-damaged and un-pressured!


“it’s bright out here but what is in the box??”

Success! I gave myself a pat on the back and then texted my Husband and Dad to get praise!


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