We signed up for Hello Fresh ~

This quarter one of my grad classes is a management seminar. For our group project, me and my trusty classmates are researching boxed food delivery services (We present next week, so we need to get a move on …). At the moment, I’m not remembering how boxed food deliveries relates to management but I’m sure it does!

So! I signed me and my husband up for Hello Fresh!

You might think “Why use Hello Fresh? Blue Apron is more popular!” and you’d mostly be correct but Blue Apron does not let me choose a vegetarian menu the way Hello Fresh does! I signed up for the vegetarian box/subscription so I know every meal will be okay for me to eat! One of my classmates had used Sun Basket before and that one also had a vegetarian option but … well, I wanted us to both be like “this is what our experience was” during our presentation. Need variety!

Don’t mind the rug collection on my porch …

The food was super well packed in that box! Quite impressive! I went home from work to eat lunch on Monday and the box wasn’t there yet. When I got home from work Monday evening, there it was! Had to sit outside for 4~ not bad at all! It will have to do that and more over the summer!

We’re saving the Bibimbap for last …

I was so happy to see that the meals are a reasonable calorie count! That might prevent me and the hubby from having 1k calorie dinners sometimes! Ahhh!

When you open it, the first things you see are the menu/recipe guide for the box and an envelope with coupons. Not sure the coupons will benefit me in anyway but the recipe book/cards are nice! You can also look at the recipes on your phone, I downloaded the app … I feel like a groupie …

Oh! There they all are! For our first meal though we chose the Black Bean and Sweet Potato Bake!

Is that a whole Jalapeno!?

The sweet potatoes were the white kind =( Kind of a bummer there! I also forgot how hard it is to cut sweet potatoes, really having very little experience cooking them, I was shocked how much longer it took me to chop them up compared to regular potatoes!

I don’t think I’ve ever used a lime before …

After you get the sweet potatoes in the oven, you cut up all the veggies! =)

Took me a bit-o-time to cut up all the veggies … especially the onion … I’ve never been good at cutting up all those layers … so by the time the veggies were ready to cook the potatoes were already done!!

Maybe a bit too much onion?

Up there is what it looked like before I mixed the veggie mixture with the potatoes, added some feta cheese and then broiled it for a few minutes … I think that was the very first time I’d used the broiler on my oven .. that doesn’t make my proud lol

Fancy plates for fancy food~

The recipe does ask you to reserve some tomatoes, cilantro, onion, and feta to make a caprese like salad for a side dish.

This was a lot of fun! I loved that I had confidence in making the dish because someone else already tried it and I didn’t have that sense of personal doom “if this doesn’t taste good, we’re going to have to have PB&J sandwiches for dinner” feeling …

This is also a recipe I would never have picked out myself because of the massive amount of onions! Honestly, I couldn’t clear my plate but it was good! My husband ate all of his so that is even better!

We get three boxes a week! So, I think this week I’ll post them individually to get into the practice of writing again and next week I’ll combine them and post all three together at the end of the week!


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