Hello Fresh: Day 2!

Day #2 of our first Hello Fresh Box! We made Jamie Oliver’s Salsa Spaghetti! =)

After opening this box, it having now spent 24hrs in our fridge, I was regretting we didn’t eat the Bibimbap first … our fridge doesn’t do as well as it could when the weather goes warm/cold every week so the herbs kinda froze =(


I laid out all the nicely packaged ingredients and then immediately thought “Is that really enough pasta for two people???” The answer is “yes” the longer incorrect answer is “definitely not, need to make some more!” … I didn’t make anymore but … I really like pasta … =(


I think I was tired when we made this one because I forgot to take any pictures of the process other than this one! Such a shame! I had a lot of fun chopping up all of the ingredients and let my skills from watching all of the Food Network shows on Netflix go to work!

It also turns out that my knives are dull so I ordered a knife sharpening. Dull knives make for dull work! Anyway, it takes a lot of chopping to get that pile into a salsa but it was worth it! Apparently I don’t like olives though … my husband said to just shovel them in and eat em =) but, I could taste every single one and not in a good way! But, I’m a trooper =p


My husband has been really happy with the meals! I’m sorry we have to skip a day in making them (one of my classes goes until 9pm during the week, which means we eat dinner separately one night), but I’m hoping those Bibimbap ingredients hold up!

As a side note, being able to eat dinner together 6 nights a week is amazing! Last quarter we only got to do it 4 nights a week (had late classes 3 nights a week) and when I worked retail it was even worse! It’s way better to be home for dinner now =)

One more meal for the week to go! Will post it once it’s been eaten, yum yum yum! =)


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