Hello Fresh: Day #3

Vegetarian Bibimbap ~
I don’t think I’d ever had anything relatively close to Korean food before so I was excited for this! I also learned a major lesson from this week in that I need to separate the ingredients into their proper locations in my fridge to increase their longevity between when they arrive and when I cook them! Vegetables in the vegetable drawer … things like that!


I really do like how everything fits in a cute little box!  And thankfully I had eggs so I could make the “optional” fried egg on the side!


For my project I was reading about Sun Basket and they recommend always rinsing/washing their vegetables before using because they don’t really … I’m hoping Hello Fresh does but either way I rinsed these really good!

I super wanted to use one of my own carrots after seeing how small this one was! I have some big ones from trader joe’s lol =)


The first step was really to start cooking the brown rice, then cut and fry the vegetables. The recipe also had us making our own ginger/garlic soy sauce … which I thought tasted really good!

Oh! And, it had us pickle our own scallions! That is pretty cool! My husband said they tasted just like pickles… I didn’t try them … =p


The vegetables really shrank!

I read that these services aren’t really great for picky eaters … well, I’m a picky eater and I’m a vegetarian! No good, right?? But! I think this is great for me! It gets me making meals I would never ever make on my own and my husband likes them and … honestly, I just ate around the mushrooms … I don’t mind the taste .. it’s the consistency? I’m just picky …

The whole meal took about 50minutes to make. It dirtied a lot of dishes though! My husband said we just need to wash them more and my heart leapt! “We”??? But, really .. that just means I need to wash them more =(        #nodishwasherlife


Anyways, I really liked this meal! Super yummy and if I ever make this again on my own I will surely add way more carrots! =)


Next week’s box has an open faced portobello sandwich … what is that? Guess I’ll find out!

My grandma wants brownies as her Mother’s Day gift so my next post will be them! =)


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