Hello Fresh: Week 2 – Day 1

This is our second week with Hello Fresh! Sadly the price is now $59 a week … your first week is only $44 … that’s a bit cheaper lol

So, Monday we chose to make Mediterranean Butter Bean Salad! We decided on this since it had the most produce so that way it didn’t have to sit in the fridge any longer than necessary!

The other meals we’ll get to enjoy this week are Caramelized Shallot Risotto and Open-Faced Portobello Sandwiches! Though … in a serious tone … I super don’t like mushrooms.

Apparently Butter Beans are gigantic? What? Never seen them before … they tasted like normal beans but they were so big …

Unboxed and ready to start meal prep! Though it was just a salad I think we took 30 minutes to get it done … took a while I thought.

I did use my sharp knife to cut up the green beans and the potatoes as per the recommendation!

After the chopping was the boiling. The green beans until tender, then the potatoes for like 15 minutes. These were the only items that were heated.

That bowl down there is full of olives and vinegar of some kind … I dipped my finger in to try it and … it was disgusting =(
I super don’t like salad dressings and olives are not delicious … Wow, I am a picky eater …

Some more meal prep pictures =)

Everything combined and ready to be “tossed” … that is the salad term for mix, right?

My husband didn’t want any Feta so I was super happy to put it all on my bowl … then I watched it fall off onto the floor repeatedly as the bowls were just too small of the salad …

This dish was okay. Not amazing and really was just a salad with potatoes and beans … Definitely not something I would have ever made on my own though so that’s good! It’s great to broaden my cooking/eating horizons =)


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