Hello Fresh: Week 2 Day 2

We made this Tuesday night after I got home from class! Look a those giant mushrooms!! That’s crazy! Again, this is a recipe I would have never tried on my own so I’m excited! =)

After I took that first picture I realized that I forgot some stuff! The bread we kept on the counter and the bag of baby spinach we kept in the vegetable drawer =) This week had a pretty well packed box! I was super excited to see that yellow bell pepper as I like those!

But! I guess it has been awhile since I’d last seen one because I don’t remember the seeds looking like that on the inside … that normal? I haven’t googled it yet …

It had me rise all the veggies and then put the bell peppers and mushrooms in the oven to roast! I think I definitely could have done a better job drying my mushrooms … I don’t think they are supposed to leak mushroom colored juice into the pan as they cook …

That little ball of Mozzarella was super soft! I was so happy to cut it up! I made sure to cut it into an even number of pieces to coincide with the bread slices =)

Since the Mozzarella slices took sub 2 minutes to do, I then made the salad! … which was gross to me, husband ate it just fine … thankfully, I did not use up all of the Spinach on the salad so I just ate some plain … I guess I just don’t like dressing? Any dressing? And these meals frequently seem to have a side salad so maybe I need to get some dressing I like … my Husband says maybe we should go to a restaurant and ask them to let me sample all of the dressings so I can find one I’ll eat .. it’s not a bad idea!

The recipe had us toast the ciabatta bread in the oven and then, when it was nice and warm, rub some up open garlic cloves on top … I was like “that won’t do anything” and I was wrong! I could actually taste a little bit of the garlic and smell it while we ate!

Now we have all of the ingredients together before we have to assemble the meal! I’m really liking using a nice big sharp knife! Before I always tried to do everything with a pairing knife … that was wrong.

The instructions said to layer the Mozzarella, mushrooms and yellow peppers on the bread. I put the cheese on top for obvious cheesy reasons =)

Had it in a 400° oven for about 4 minutes. And, my oven was actually 400° because I got an oven thermometer and to get 400° that means I set my oven to 425° … there is supposed to be a way to adjust the temperature “inside” the oven .. yeah, I don’t know what that is about yet …

After melting and after plating!

My review is that I still don’t like mushrooms … I did take one big bite of the sandwiches, portobello included, and it was okay. Then I pulled out the mushrooms and ate all the rest and it was great! Might even make this again … ya know, without the mushrooms =p
#pickyeatersunite ??

Next meal is some risotto! That will be fun! I super love rice, I mean, who doesn’t?? =)


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