Hello Fresh: Week 2 Day 3!

I really liked this dish! I definitely saved the best for last this week! I had never made risotto before so I was excited to do it as I’d seen it done so often on Netflix =)

This risotto was Caramelized Shallot Risotto .. so my husband loved the onions and I loved the zucchini, something for both of us!

I didn’t realize until we were at like the last step in the cooking process but I was supposed to get parmesan cheese in that box, didn’t get it =( Thankfully, I had a new chunk of cheese to shred up to add to the meal!

Quartered the onions and it asked me to make a tin foil bowl to roast them in! Unfortunately it had me add vinegar to them! My “boxed food industry” presentation was this past Tuesday and when we had our discussion time someone commented that the Blue Apron subscription uses a ton of butter but most of our Hello Fresh recipes use vinegar and oil.

I think we really liked the Arborio rice, we might buy that in the future! Ultimately the lemon seemed wasteful and, though I know it added something to the dish because I could taste it, I feel like it would have been basically the same without it. I guess it makes the dish more fancy?

There is my block of parmesan! It was kinda fun making the zucchini into little strips with my pealer. Thankfully the pictures of the meal seem to show exactly what I don’t know, so whenever I can’t get it from the directions the pictures do help!

Spoke too soon! This recipe did use butter! =)

Step by step you put together the risotto slowly. This took a lot of attention on my part because I’m not usually so caring towards the food I cook and making sure I stir this a lot and add the broth when it was time was a new experience! Also, the vegetable stock was pretty good! Not too salty at all, I might try to find out if that was a store brand that I can buy or not =)

The image above was about half way through cooking the rice. The image below mostly shows Lucy sulking as I haven’t dropped anything on the ground for her to eat or steal!

Did have to fry up the zucchini, maybe I could have done it for longer? But, I liked it soft!

The cooked zucchini and roasted onions. I think they were both cooked nicely since I followed the directions! =)

It asked me to combine most things in the pan and stir them together! No problem! Was happy to do it!

I think the end result looks the most like the picture when compared to the other dishes I’ve made so far! Next week is three more dishes! I honestly think I’ll enjoy this a lot more over the summer when I don’t have to go to school for a whole 3 months! What will I do with my time?? =)

Generally, I really liked this and want to make it again in the future! I got to put a binder together of all the recipes so we can have them all in one place … maybe a sortable spread sheet based on the main ingredient? Or time to cook? Hmmm …


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