Mother’s Day Brownies ~

Naturally Mother’s Day was last weekend … but, sometimes it takes me longer to write up a post than I would like …

Anyway! My Grandma wanted me to make some brownies using the rest of the packages of brownie mix that were picked up at Costco sometime last year …

To make it a bit nicer, I decided to do one batch as double chocolate chip and the other batch with nuts! The Ghirardelli mix sure does smell nice in the bowl~

I split the mix in half putting the other half in a separate bowl to mix the chip into it!

For the other batch, I chopped up a bunch of Walnuts to put in the batter … To make them taste a bit nicer I put them in a pan to toast them up … then I actually tasted one … and the nuts had gone bad =( I was bummed!

The double chocolate chip brownie mix was super lumpy lol

This is what the double chocolate chip brownies looked like out of the oven. I made some quick icing to drizzle on top!



It was a bit messy to add the icing but it looked pretty and, when I tried it later, it was super yummy! =)

The regular brownies were a lot less lumpy before baking!


I only have the one brownie pan so I did cook them one batch at a time!


The plain batch did cook a little longer than I intended .. but, it was the Overwatch open beta weekend, I couldn’t very well be jumping up and down to check on the brownies during a match!


First the sugar, then the melted chocolate!


Then I basically wrapped them up and took them to my Grandma’s house!


I sliced them up and my Grandma decided to but half in the freezer and limit herself to only one brownie a day lol


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