Hello Fresh: Week 3 Day 1

This week’s box had lots of mushrooms again! Okay, only one meal had mushrooms, but it seemed like a lot!

Warm Barley Salad
Sweet Potato Chili
Mushroom Ragout

We started the week with the Mushroom Ragout. It came with polenta cakes! I’d never had polenta cakes before so I was excited!

They remembered to give me the Parmesan cheese this time! Also, I’m really digging shallots.

First it wanted us to fry the polenta cakes and then put them in the oven to keep warm for the duration of the cook time. The cook time was also stated as being 10min prep, 30min total. I don’t know what planet these people live on but this meal took me 55 minutes and I started with a clean kitchen.

The mushrooms sure do cook down a lot! I always forget about that and as I stir them they shrink and shrink and shrink until it looks quite manageable. But, still … I just can’t eat them …

Picture of the polenta cakes in the pan … it only had us use half of the roll … it said to save the other half for another time. I’m about to now find out how long polenta lasts in the fridge before growing mold … wow, I don’t feel motivated right now! lol =(

Making the ragout part of the meal was interesting. Heat the onions and thyme in the vegetable stock. Then mix in the mushrooms and some sour cream! The ragout sauce was actually quite yummy! I think if I owned a food processor and pummeled the crap out of those mushrooms I would have been able to eat the whole meal no problem!

Looked pretty neat! And, thankfully this was the last step!




A picture of the completed meal. The salad was a “tangy arugula” thing … we didn’t add any vinegar to it. Actually after eating dinner my husband and I went grocery shopping. The next time Hello Fresh wants us to make a salad we’re putting our own dressing on it! I’ll be trying Blue Cheese dressing! =)

Tomorrow I’ll post the Barely meal! =)


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