Hello Fresh: Week 3 Day 2

Warm Barely Salad! I was looking forward to this one and throughout the 45 minute process (again this should have only taken me 30 minutes and that includes the 5 minutes of prep). I dunno how that would have been possible …

But, this one bugged me a little because it asked me to get a big bowl to mix the vinaigrette and mustard together in and then get another big bowl and put all of my ingredients in that one and then pour the vinaigrette on top … two big bowls, really? Does having a dishwasher make it easier to clean up? Don’t big bowls take up a lot of space? I thought that was weird …


Grains are pretty yummy so I was all about step 1: put your barely and vegetable broth in a pan and cook it! Now, it said to bring everything to a boil and then simmer for 20-25 minutes. Well it takes several minutes for the water to start boiling and then 20-25 minutes to cook it so … I had between 2 and 8 minutes (if my water started boiling in 3 minutes) to complete my dish after the barely was done cooking. I think this is cutting it a bit close to meet the intended 30 minute cook time.


The recipe had us drain and rinse a can of Butter Beans to be added to the salad. The recipe referred to them as Great Northern Beans. According to my google search, they might be the same thing … really it probably doesn’t matter .. but still, consistency is nice …


I’m getting pretty good at my tomato slicing with these boxes! It still takes me quite sometime to get through them all since they’re super small but I’ve noticed improvement on my technique =p


Heated up the tomatoes for a while and then sat them aside to be mixed with everything when it’s all ready!


The Everything Else

I think my husband was concerned about my “abilities” when it came time to pealing and slicing the avocado so I got some help. I couldn’t get the seed out all of the way so I ended up just cutting around it until I got most of the avocado meats off!


Up there is a picture of the vinaigrette in a “big bowl”! Much big, such bowl.

Barely finished cooking in 25 minutes, just as expected. I only have the one fine mesh strainer so I dumped the beans out onto my cutting board and used the strainer for the barley!

Maybe the reason I wasn’t supposed to mix it all in the same bowl was because the vinaigrette was gross? Maybe the vinaigrette was optional and I missed the fine print?

We didn’t eat this. It was awful. It was the first meal that we made that neither of us liked. Basically it was the first meal that my husband wouldn’t eat (he liked most of the ones I didn’t). Hello Fresh chefs love vinegar, maybe lots of people do, but we don’t … this meal didn’t work for us =(


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