Hello Fresh: Week 3 Day 3

Last Hello Fresh meal of the week! We decided to pause next week’s box so I won’t post these next week but starting again on May 30th we’ll get a box so in two-ish weeks I’ll post more Hello Fresh meals =)

This was another Jamie Oliver meal, I liked the last one we got and, spoiler, I liked this one too! Jamie’s Smoky Sweet Potato Chili!

In case anyone wants to try this recipe, all the information is on the Hello Fresh website. You can view all the recipes without signing up. This is the same for Blue Apron too, you can see all of their recipes with out actually subscribing =)

Look at that tiny little pepper?? So cute! At least I thought so at the time … I now know I have a pretty severe skin sensitivity to peppers … my fingers are still having that burning feeling (very similar to actually burning them on a pan) and its been like 16ish hours since I cooked this. That doesn’t seem normal. Next time I guess I’ll wear gloves!

Getting there with the prep work! Again this recipe was to take me 30 minutes … it took me an hour. Thankfully my husband worked from home yesterday so I started cooking pretty early (6ish) otherwise he normally doesn’t get home until 6:30 and on school nights I don’t get home until 8pm! Starting a one hour meal at 8pm means eating dinner after 9 which means everything else (pet care, cleaning up the kitchen, laundry, working out, homework) gets pushed back until late and I’m going to sleep at midnight! =(

I grated sweet potatoes! That was fun! I have a stand-up box type grater so it went pretty easily!

The rice was a bit under cooked. I was afraid of over cooking it (because I forgot to set a timer) so I ended up doing the opposite =( Still yummy, maybe next time I’ll just put it in our Zojirushi.

Spices, onion, and chili in the top picture. All of the above plus red bell pepper and sweet potato in the bottom pic.

Then the beans … and then I noticed it said to let this cook for 25 minutes … by this time the rice was already “done” and I’d already been in the kitchen for 30 minutes … seeing that made me a bit sad. Ultimately, I think it all cooked together for about 15 minutes as I finished the tortilla strip things.

I enlisted some help to get a picture of my cutting the tortillas! Thank goodness I took off all of my chipped nail polish the other day. It is Friday though so it’s time to put more on for the weekend! There might be another trip to Harry Potter World this weekend so my nails must be properly coordinated! =)

I really liked this. I’d never seen this use for tortillas before and really enjoyed it! I hope I can incorporate this idea into other meals! Next time I might add a dash of salt them them too!

Time to plate! Two plates, two piles of rice!

The chili was as done as it was going to get so I piled that on next!

Almost done! Two more toppings to go and then I would get to eat dinner!

Ta-Dah! Dinner is served! I put the “Featured Image” as a picture of the plated meal against the menu photo. I think they turned out pretty similar!

That is chopped Cilantro on top. The recipe told me to do it!

I liked this and definitely want to make it again! From now on I’m thinking that we’ll always cook the rice in our rice cooker so I don’t have to worry about it at all and that if the recipes for Hello Fresh use lots of vinegar then we’ll just pause that box and wait for a good one!

Something I did notice is that unless the meal has beans + rice in it I don’t feel that I’m getting a lot of protein from Hello Fresh. In my personal cooking I use a lot of meat-substitutes which are pretty protein packed so I’m noticing a difference in my diet because of Hello Fresh. I might have to change up my typical weekday breakfast and lunch to get in some more protein there!


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