Quick Birthday Cake

A co-worker of mine, and soon to be mom of two of my kittens, had her birthday last week. So, I made a quick sheet cake! =)

Super basic cake recipe. Cream 1 cup of butter, add sugar (2 cups I think), add 4 eggs, 1 tsp salt, 4 tsp baking powder, vanilla extract, and 3 cups of flour. And, when it forms a nice cake batter it’s ready! *wink*

I buttered the sides and bottom of the pan, but I think I should have floured them too. The cake stuck quite a bit in some parts.

Annnnnnd I over cooked it. Dangit! I was trying to heat the oven up to the correct temperature (using my thermometer) and forgot to check it for too long and it spent 10 of its 30 minute cook time at 425 degrees instead of 400 =(

Since it was a weeknight when I made the cake, it didn’t get frosted until the next morning before heading off to work.

I made a single batch of buttercream. 1 stick of butter, a bit of vanilla extract, a ton of powdered sugar, and some milk. I’m sorry I know there are specific measurements involved but I no longer remember what those are … this is the only thing I can “bake” without a recipe.

I got out some sprinkles and some candles (which in honor of Pinterest, I keep in a mason jar) so I could decorate the cake! =)

I think buttercream frosting is one of my top 10 favorite things in life. My Dad’s birthday is in about 10 days and he wants a cheese cake but I’m wondering if he wants a cake cake too … then I won’t have to wait so long for more buttercream!

Gel food colors really do an amazing job of coloring the frosting. This was the burgundy color and I got this neat pinkish purple from a minuscule amount!

Well, that is the best of my abilities right there … I guess I should be making a cake every week so I can practice my piping, is that how the pros do it? lol

Got through half the cake at work and the rest went into the fridge … and, now that I think about it I bet there will still be some for me to eat on Monday! That would make me happy!

It was a lot dense and a bit over cooked. I’ll do better next time!
I think the birthday girl really appreciated my effort so that was nice =)


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