Cheesecakes ~

I don’t know how many times I’ve uploaded Cheesecake pics … but, it is something I made a few times a year and it’s always for a special occasion! This time it was for my Dad’s Birthday!  I had asked him before what type of cake he would like me to make (I didn’t make one last year and felt bad about it) and he said “Cheesecake”! So, naturally I made that!

I used these two smaller pie plates that I ordered from Amazon. They are only 6 inches in diameter across the top. Reviewers said they each hold about half the amount of pie filling a normal pie pan does. I found they hold about a third of the cheesecake filling each so I had some left over.

Whenever I lug out my big heavy mixer I always wish I had counter space to keep it out all the time. Instead I have to keep it in a bottom cupboard and lift it out onto the dining table then run an extension cord into the living room to use it … If I ever buy another house, I will thoroughly count all of the plugs in every room and be sure there is at least 4! There was only 1 accessible plug in the kitchen when we bought the house, we added another but still … there are a lot of things that need to be plugged in in a kitchen!

Cream the cream cheese? Check! Add Sour Cream, then mix!

Add Sugar and mix! Building the cheesecake batter goes pretty fast. I actually ended up beating it for quite a while at the end because I wanted to be rid of 90% of the lumps but just adding the ingredients is quick!

Action Shot! (notice the blur on the mixer)

Ah, I’ve wounded it! And, it bleeds vanilla extract … =p

The whole time I was building this cheesecake I was also baking up cookies … the house smelled so good and I wanted to eat a cookie so badly but it was also 11pm on a weeknight so I abstained =(

Even though it only used a third the amount of filling, it used a full amount of pie crust … though, I didn’t use quite as much butter as normal because I ran out! I ran out of butter! I’m usually so good with keeping baking ingredients on hand permanently but after making this and the cookies I was basically out of sugar, flour, and butter with no safety stock! Incredible!

That is one package of graham cracker crust, 1/8 cup sugar, and 6Tbs of butter (melted of course). I don’t pre-cook my graham cracker crusts though I’ve seen it posted a lot that people do that … I might try it sometime! To make the crust you just mush it all together and then spread it allllllll out, that’s what it’s all about!

While I played with the crust, I just let the mixer beat out the lumps. Now They are all ready to be assembled. Though there are still a few lumps … they are small and I never notice them while eating!

Here they are filled up before baking, this was also when I realized that I had A LOT of left over batter … so I got out some cupcake liners and some Oreos (I had Oreos at least!).

I at first was going to make the cheesecake cupcakes in the tin foil lined cups and not use a muffin tin but I ended up  getting it out. With my Basset Hound, Lucy, still awake and keeping me company, it was safer to not have the cupcakes just loosely sitting on a pan while they moved to and from the oven …

The cheesecake batter is basically white … same color almost as the white cupcake liners. Looks neat! Anyways, before baking and ….

After baking! The cupcakes went in the oven about 5 minutes after the small pies. But, I took them out at the same time because they were done! So, the cheesecakes cooked for about 30 minutes at around 365° and the cupcakes were in for about 25 minutes.

It looks so nice right out of the oven before it deflates … the deflation is necessary though! It compresses the cheesecake into amazing-ness!

By the time they came out of the oven it was midnight. I didn’t want to leave them in the oven to cook because I was a little worried they would over cook doing that …. so I left them on the stove top and covered them with tin foil.

I mentioned it was late at night so here are the cheesecakes lurking in my dark kitchen as I go off to play Overwatch while they cool.

Since cupcake liners can shrink-in when the cheesecake cools, these ones don’t have any cracks in them! Looks neat! But, it’s now 1am and time for sleep!

The mini-cheesecakes have a bit of cracking in them but not too much so I’m happy. You couldn’t see down to the bottom of the pie plate which was good (I’ve had that happen before). I guess how much they crack has to do with how slowly you can cool them … I think I did okay.

he next day my parents came by for a few minutes! I gave my Dad the mini-cakes and we sang Happy Birthday over the cupcakes. Picture =) Now to not eat all of the cheesecake cupcakes over this long weekend … hmmm, we’ll see!


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