Hello Fresh: Week 4 Day 1

This week’s (Week of Memorial Day Weekend) started out a bit rough with Hello Fresh. I was told via e-mail the week before I wouldn’t receive my normal Monday box until later in the week or I could pick a day to receive it. So, I logged into my account and picked Tuesday only to later be told that my Tuesday box would also be delayed till Wednesday. Then I get my UPS Tracking and it says my box won’t be delivered until Thursday!  I contacted Hello Fresh and they said I’d get it on Tuesday … it arrived on Wednesday.

So, the lesson is to pause your food deliveries on weeks were there is a holiday because Hello Fresh’s holiday delivery leaves a lot to be desired!

This week’s recipes are: Summer Ratatouille, Mexican Quinoa Jumble, and Plantain and Black Bean Tostadas.  We started with the Tostadas on Wednesday after I got home from class!

So, my Plantain and Black Bean Tostada box came with a plantain. The plantain came with a separate note! They wanted to be sure I wasn’t upset with how brown the plantain was … I googled that is not the normal color lol

This recipe said it would take a total of 35 minutes. I managed it in 50. It asks you to cook the plantains first but I ended up doing it at the end because of …. well, I thought that would be better. The recipe didn’t call for us to cook the radish so we didn’t but we also just ended up leaving it off because raw radishes are not tasty …

I wasn’t so happy with the quality of the items in the box, the plantain pictured above and the onion pictured below. Also, the cilantro was not in great condition …

Just a quick picture of the onion we received. Yuck.

I had an open cut on the tip of my finger so I wasn’t able to cut the onion up myself and instead enlisted help from my husband! The recipe asked for some of the onion to be pickled in the lime juice. No problems there.

Just some pics of the prepping. The more chopping a recipe calls for the longer it takes overall …

The onions were meant to cook in a pan with the black beans and to form a refried bean type mixture. I don’t think I ever achieved the “creamy” consistency that the recipes says I’ll get but I liked this!

These were definitely plantains and not bananas that you normally get at a store to snack on! The seeds were way bigger than normal! We didn’t end up cooking all of the plantain slices because tostadas really aren’t that big … I don’t know where we would have put them all!

By cooking the plantains at the end they were still warm when we added them to the  tostadas.  I don’t know if someone at Hello Fresh owns a Feta cheese farm or what but they add it to lots of things … maybe it’s the only cheese they can get a good deal on? I guess they have also used Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses but … for Mexican food I don’t think Feta was the way to go. 

After everything is cooked, the only thing left is to assemble!  So, there we have the meal down there. The one in the front is my husband’s plate. He likes Avocado and pickled onions … I passed on both.

The version that I ate, below, was really good! I don’t know if it was worth all of the effort to make my own refried beans and not just buy them in a can (gross but so easy!) but I might make this meal again. I really liked the way the plantains tasted in the soft tacos.

Overall time, 50 minutes. Not bad really, done in less than an hour which is great! I think not being able to chop very quickly might have accounted for 5 minutes so really I only used about 10 more minutes than it said. Not bad!

I’m doing a new thing where I read the entire recipe and then decide the order on how to do things rather than following the recipe’s order because sometimes it will tell you the meal takes 30 minutes but it has you spend 10-15 minutes doing other things before you start cooking the thing that will take 25 minutes! So, now I read ahead for that 25 minute thing and start that right away … I’m cooking in order of what will take the longest now lol


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