May Puppy and Kitten Photos ~

I know it’s June 9th … I know May is over … I know I haven’t posted in a while … >.<

But, that’s all gonna change! Yes indeed! Starting today I am on summer break! That means I only have to continue to do to work mon-fri 9am-5pm, and take care of my home and family (which now includes 2 indoor kittens and one outdoor cat, brining the total pet count to 6). Not bad! At least I don’t also have to attend classes two nights a week and do homework! That really frees up some time! And, just in case it’s not apparent that I’m excited that I don’t have to go back to graduate school until September, let me be blunt … I’m Super Excited!!!! Amazingly Excited!!!!

Spots (Dottie), inhibiting my Overwatch abilities.

I think I mentioned it in one post, but my husband and I took in a stray neighborhood cat that we had been feeding when she became pregnant. We barely managed to get her in the house and to the vet for a checkup before she gave birth! She had 3 boys and 2 girls on March 24th. She was a great Mommy cat but sadly didn’t really adapt to being indoors =(

Originally Named: Starface, Spots, Humpty, Dumpty, Batman                          Now Named: Johnny, Spottie Dottie, Humphrey, Little Bit, Batman 

Once the kittens turned 8 weeks old we aggressively looked for homes for them! We adopted two out to one of my co-workers and another to one of my husband’s co-workers. We had two left over … coincidently the two we had left were my husband’s and my favorite kittens! So, we’re keeping them!

Since the kittens have been raised around our two dogs, we don’t have any problems with them getting along! Snuggling is a normal daily thing for them!

Our older cat, Sweetie, is 12 now and has never been one for being around other cats (when she was younger I lived with my parents and they had cats too!). Sweetie is getting used to them though. She allows them on the bed and will bat their head and hiss if she is upset but doesn’t hurt them and the kittens aren’t really too put off by her because they go right back to attacking her tail!

Lucy doesn’t really like them snuggling in her food bowl though …

Mommy cat wasn’t really happy being inside and would cry and cry at the door to be let out. Well, once she was fixed and healed up we let her outside again =( She spends her days in the yard and going around the neighborhood then at night we call her and put her in our laundry house to sleep and eat peacefully (we don’t have a garage, just a building for laundry and storage in the backyard, hence “laundry house”!).

Lucy and Humphrey on Penny’s Bed!

When the kittens were younger all 5 could fit on that little platform, now it barely fits two!

The differences in my dogs’ personalities is pretty apparent in this picture. I have to open this gate to pull my car in when I get home. Lucy is right there to greet me with a toy in her mouth. Penny is sleeping in the background hoping I’d just drive around her. =)

Lucy; age 2

Lucy; age 2

Penny; age 6

Alright, I guess that is enough bragging! But, my pets are so cute! I want to share =)


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