Hello Fresh: Week 4 Day 2

I’m a lot behind in writing these up!  So, here is a meal from two-ish weeks ago … =( I promise my quality writing will still be there and the pictures are somewhat nice … it’s just usually I try to write about it while I still remember what it tasted like lol

This meal was: Mexican Quinoa Jumble

This was the second Hello Fresh meal that they sent us that used Quinoa. It just seems like small rice to me … The first step in this meal wanted me to take the Pepitas and give them a quick stir fry in a pan and then set them aside … I did this step at the end since it only took like 30 seconds and instead started heating my Jumble ingredients as soon as they were ready!

My red bell pepper had a split in it …

This was fun to do but a bit messy. The corn had shriveled up a bit in the fridge but was still pretty good!  I know my two doggies enjoyed the kernels that fell on the ground =)

I diced my bell peppers and then added them to the pan along with the sliced Jalepeno and the corn. I think I should have diced my pepper more than I did and if I make this again I will use the size in the picture as an example and dice accordingly.

There we go, cooking in process.

Had a bit of down time while I occasionally stirred my Jumble and waited for my Quinoa to cook, so, I got out a frying pan to heat up my Pepitas. I think I over heated them because they tasted bitter, I ate around them when the meal was done.

See, a nice close up image of my overheating the Pepitas. Nice, very nice.

After the Jumble cooked down for 10-15 minutes, it looked like it does below!  Basically, a Mexican style stir fry? =)

I went ahead and plated at this point. Compared to some of the meals, this one seemed pretty simple. Which was nice. The menu said 30 minutes and it took me 30 minutes. Not bad!

Close up picture (below) of the meal with all the fixings! Though there have been a few meals where I think a cheddar would have been a better choice, I guess the Feta is growing on me? Yay? =)

Review! This meal was good. We definitely ate the whole thing. But, it wasn’t special. There were a lot of ingredients that should have added flavors but since I didn’t eat any Jalapenos it was just bland.


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