Hello Fresh: Week 5 Day 1

This being our 5th week of Hello Fresh (6 Weeks~ since we subscribed), we’ve decided to end our subscription. I’ve learned a lot through having Hello Fresh and I really did enjoy having three meals somewhat prepared for me at the beginning of the week. But, honestly, we would have to cut our grocery budget in half to accommodate long term use of Hello Fresh and that seemed to not be possible. $60 a week adds up and I watch the expenses so I see it happen …

So, this final week of our Hello Fresh subscription will start out with Jamie’s Baked Ricotta and Tomato Orecchiette. I’ve liked all of Jamie’s dishes so far so I was excited to try this one!

Honestly, I picked this one to eat first because it has Broccolini in it. Broccoli of all types does not last long in my fridge so eating it first was a definite must!

Alright, up there is all of the ingredients laid out and ready to be cooked!  The first thing it asked me to do was roast the Ricotta cheese. ???? That’s new!

Started by chopping the tomatoes, removing the leaves from the stems, slicing the garlic and then adding it and the chili flakes to a bowl of 2Tbs of oil … I wish I had not used all of the red chili flakes …

So, this is what it looked like going into the oven … so strange! But, I’m sure it was important!

While the cheese roasted, I boiled the water for the Orecchiette. I checked after eating this to be sure that Orecchiette was just the name of the pasta and didn’t mean super spicy pasta … it doesn’t … this was just a super spicy recipe!

The recipe asked me to cook the Broccolini in the same pot with the pasta, no problem! By the time this was happening, the timer on the oven went off and I pulled out my roasted cheese and tomatoes …

I used a half sheet baking pan, it was a good choice since otherwise that oil would have been spread out and burning into the pan. Not my favorite thing.

Time for assembly!

Once all mixed together, I plated it to compare to the photo. Uhhh, not sure how they had those clumps of Ricotta in the picture … that certainly didn’t happen when I mixed it!

Review time: I could not finish this meal. It was too spicy. That was a lot of red pepper flakes! I could feel the food in my stomach for hours after I ate it. Just burning and bubbling … yuck! I think this would have been quite delicious if it had had a different type of seasoning rather than just heat!


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