Hello Fresh: Week 5 Day 2

Have to buckle down and finish writing these. It’s basically irrelevant now except to remind me about our Hello Fresh experience if I ever think of going back to it. I guess this blog is more like my scrapbook? Seeing as I seem to do this instead of scrapbook now lol

Alright, this is Summer Succotash Stuffed Pepper!

Stuffed Peppers huh? They want me to stuff THAT pepper? Ugh … I think not ….

Aside from the peppers, I get to shave more corn off of its cob, dice a tomato, rinse some pees, and cut up green onions and basil! Such fun!

Done! It’s magic! Wow, that took two seconds! It’s amazing!

I’m really not a fan of pees … I don’t like the taste.  But, really I didn’t notice them much in this dish. I know that seems impossible given the amount of green in that pan down there but it’s true! =p



I drizzled WAY TOO MUCH oil on my peppers. I was draining them over the sink and blotting them with paper towels. Yuck … my bad though!

The Quinoa finished cooking at about the same time everything else did! Again with the Feta cheese? … Does someone at Hello Fresh get them a discount on this stuff? Since we’ve had Hello Fresh we’ve received Feta, Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Ricotta. And, the majority of that was just Feta. I think that is pretty strange honestly lol

Plated up nicely to look like the picture. I tried hard on that =)

Review! I liked this! Stuffed peppers are pretty yummy and I ate the whole thing! I think next time though I might use rice instead of Quinoa … Ya know, mainly because I already have rice in the house … makes it easier!

oopsie can see where I cleaned the table before taking the picture hehe =)


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