Hello Fresh: Week 5 Day 3

Alright, I made it to the finish line, I’m crossing the markings, I’ve made it all the way! Here is the last Hello Fresh Post! Yay. Amazing. So cool. =)

Hello Fresh is finishing their subscription, for the time being, with Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos!

Got everything laid out here, This recipe only asked me to use half of the black beans and to “save the other half for another time”. What? What other time am I going to need a half portion of black beans … so, I added the whole thing. Only using half was like telling me to throw the other half away …

After I chopped the potatoes, I put them in the oven. I cropped the picture of the oven because I don’t clean it … I’m not proud of that, it’s just a fact.

Drain and rinse the beans, cut corn off of cob – check and check!

Alright, here the taco mixture ready to start cooking (sans potatoes of course).

So, the recipe called this an Avocado Creme … so I guess it wasn’t technically a guacamole? That’s cool, I didn’t like it though. Lemon juice from half of a lemon, two table spoons of sour cream, and half of an avocado. I think salt and pepper were added. It was gross lol

Once the potatoes were done in the oven (about 25~ minutes) I added them to the stove top mixture and mixed it all together some more!

I had never done this trick before but the recipe asked me to put the tortillas in the oven wrapped in tin foil so they heated up nicely. I think this is great! I can’t believe I have never done this for burritos. I will from now on … in the winter, not in the summer. I don’t have central air conditioning and using the oven from June – September isn’t my thing really … unless it can’t be avoided! I can cook my tortillas in a pan until October … but, after that it’s the oven!


Ready to prep everything and put it together? Well, I am! Look at me, got my tortillas and creme (that I didn’t eat) and … well, somewhere in the kitchen was also the taco filling so I guess I have everything ready!

My plated meal, the cheese was an integral part of the meal I think!

Husband’s plate sans the cheese with the guac stuff .. I think my plate was better =p

Review of the meal! I liked this. I really didn’t like the guacamole/sour cream thing … that wasn’t yummy. I added cheddar cheese to mine … because … well, dangit I’ve never had tacos without cheese, and cheese is usually my favorite part, so I added some!

Review of Hello Fresh! Before Hello Fresh, I had never cooked with white sweet potatoes. I had never cut corn off of a cob, and I had never made soft tacos (I always fried my taco shells). So, I really had a lot of experiences through this subscription. I’m not sure if the experiences I had were worth the cost (1 week @ $44.99, 4 weeks @ $59.99 = $284.95 (nearly an entire months grocery budget)) but it was different and something new … and, well, I don’t regret it!

I do think that there is some type of Feta cheese thing going on over there … I mean, I’ve never really thought of Feta as being popular? Tasty? Good with nearly every meal? …

Also, I don’t feel like a vegetarian designed the vegetarian boxes … they were meals with beans substituted where meat would traditionally be … I don’t know how I describe my meal planning skills but I think I do it differently … Hello Fresh felt like someone I know cooked for me who didn’t really understand that maybe vegetarians eat more than beans and rice? Not bad really, just different.


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