June Puppy and Kitten Pics!

Here they are! A selection of my cutest pictures from this month. I should note, I do not post my absolute favorite pictures. I post my second favorite pictures. My #1s are for my eyes only! =p

Lucy with her classic puppy eyes and Humphrey staring at my toes. He likes toes.

Lucy using Penny’s butt for a pillow. I like this more than when she rests her butt on Penny’s head …

Spots eating my computer chair. She did not do all of that damage on the side, that was done by Sweetie (our 12yr old cat) when she was younger … I’ve had that chair 7 years? wow …

I had always remembered Sweetie not liking other cats but she is getting along with Spots and Humphrey really well!

Spots cuddling up to my keyboard while I played Overwatch.

Penny and Lucy awake and not moving while Spots is napping next to them!

Humphrey’s beautiful blue eyes as he rests in Lucy’s food bowl. He won’t fit in there much longer!

I have my patriotic outfit all ready for Penny and Lucy so they can have their 4th of July photos taken. It’s just like Christmas to them (not so much for me).

I’ll post more pictures next month, I love showing off my furry family! =)


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