DIY; Dog Water Bowl Stand

Alright, when we only had one dog, Penny, things were easy. Everyday we gave her food, water and attention of various sorts and she was happy.

She didn’t steal our stuff and eat it (I mean, she did but only on occasion). She was happy dog, content with life!

Then, we got Lucy! Unlike Penny, Lucy is not content with good food, naps, and attention. Lucy must also have all of the things!

This, of course, includes the outside water bowl.


It has been really hot lately and, since we got the kittens, the dogs end up spending more time outside when they can’t just waltz in the door to drink water. So, I had to give them an outside water bowl. At first it was a smallish yellow bucket. But, that was soon dragged off into the yard and eaten … so I had to upgrade! Introducing the DIY Outside Doggy Water Bowl Stand! ~~

Step one was to make a super duper shitty looking sketch of what I wanted to build and include dimensions and stuff like that … The next step was to borrow tools from my Dad because I don’t have those kinds of tools just laying around … always use safety gear when using power tools because otherwise your Dad will stop lending them to you and your Husband won’t let you build anything! You’d think they didn’t want me to hurt myself =p

Next, I outlined the shape of the bowl on an appropriately sized piece of wood. Thankfully, I have lots of scrap wood so basically this whole thing only cost me the price of a new sander and sand paper. The one in the picture up there didn’t survive its most recent hibernation. The first attempt at the cutting the whole with a jig saw was not successful, but the second attempt held the bowl just fine!

I then cut the legs I needed to make the thing stand up. I don’t know if it is noticeable in the picture, but the legs were not all the same size … length? I cut the legs many times to get them roughly the same, in the end one was shorter than all the others and I just let it be its unique self =) I also took half of the legs and made them thinner so that the space open on every side of the holder was the same-ish.

I attached the legs to each other first and then to the bottom of the bowl holder board. This went pretty fast. I pre-drilled the holes and then used some big screws to attach everything together!

To make it a little more decorative, and since I had these wood strip things laying around, I added some more wood to the sides. This hides the bowl a little more but also makes it a little more difficult to get the bowl out when it needs to be refilled as I have to push up from the bottom.

After assembly was complete, I sanded and painted the stand! The new sander, a Dewalt 2.4Amp Orbital Sander, is soooooo much better than my last one! My last one was the hook and loop type and it was awful! I hated it! The sand paper was always coming off! This square sander with the clamps that hold the paper is worlds better!

I used some left over paint I had from a previous project, some shelves that I made for the kitchen that still have not been put up … the paint is for indoor, so I’m not anticipating it lasting for years or anything. But, when it’s done I’ll paint it another color!

There she is! The whole reason this had to be done! Miss. Lucy, The Basset Hound! Everyone give her a round of applause! =p

Well, in the few weeks since I made this, she has chewed on the corner a little bit but otherwise the outside water bowl holder is working great! =)


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