August Puppy and Kitten Pics ~

Awe man, when a habit is broken it’s hard to get back into it! But here are some cute pics from last month!

Had a day off during the week and got to see Lucy fully relaxed during the afternoon.

Humphrey is so much bigger than Spots it’s crazy! He also likes to lay like this. I don’t know, do kittens have double jointed hips? Is that possible? His hips being able to do this is why it took him so long to learn to walk!! He’d try to put weight on his feet and they would just slip to the side out from under him!

Of course, little Spottie Dots likes the box and the stuffing! She is a kitten of course!

With my new job, I’m out of the house more as the hours are 8-5 😦 This means less time is spent with my favorite puppies! It’s a shame for me and for them!


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