Tablescape Competition: Polishing Silver 

After considering a few different table ideas, I settled on The Lord of the Rings inspired table. Ultimately, my theme was a “Wizards Table” … which may or may not belong to Gandalf. Who is to say really? *wink*

To do this, I spent a lot of time going to thrift stores! Thankfully, being in Southern California there is no shortage of Thirft Stores and I ended up visiting about 15~ to get the things I could from there. I saved a ton of money by utilizing thrift stores too!

One of the coolest things I picked up were some silver plated wine glasses! But, they were super grungy and … well, old!


So, I googled how to polish silver so I could remove that black gunk on the outside! And, I got this recipe: Line a kitchen sink with aluminium foil, fill it with hot hot water, and then add half a cup of salt!



I let them soak like this for about 30 minutes, I would turn the glasses ever so often so all sides were soaking. When I was done soaking the goblets, I refreshed the sink’s contents and then added the silver plated candelabra that I picked up to the mixture!


After the soaking, I had this! The black was gone but there was nothing to be done about the gold-ish color shining through. Though, not knowing that at the time, I then bought some silver polish.


Yeah, it didn’t help on the glasses at all … but, it super helped on the candelabra!

After the salt/aluminium foil bath the candelabra was relatively the same. So, I took it apart and did a thorough cleaning with the silver polish.


During its bath.


After its bath.

The candelabra says on the bottom that it was silver plated over zinc and was made in England~ fancy stuff! The wine glasses just say silver plated and made in China … so, I think the candelabra is more significant in quality!


Spent about an hour polishing all of the surfaces and then had to figure out how to reassemble the candelabra into relatively the same shape as before! I had to use a handful of pictures for that but I managed it with only having to take it back apart once before getting it right! (Had the candle holders up side down the first try … )

And … I can’t find a picture of the complete candelabra! Typical! lol

To make my candles look well used, I decided to burn them down for a few hours. I also enlisted the use of a hair dryer to get them to look even more aged =)

Was fun~ Next is … book recovering!


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