LA County Fair Tablescape Competition: Introduction

We live just a handful of blocks from the LA County fair and I’ve gone at least once, usually twice or more, every year for my entire life!


For as long as I could remember there has always been a tablescape competition. Participants design a table to match one of designated themes and pick a meal to serve! Then, you have to set the table accordingly! Proper plates, flatware, and such are required!

Then your table is judged and you get feedback on how well you did according to the judges.

Well, this year in July I decided to send in my application and was told I could submit a table since someone had dropped out! They had various categories you could sign up for and I chose “Imagination”. Most of the participants chose “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, not one person did “A Galaxy Far Far Away …” =(


So, 2016 has become the first year I displayed a tablescape at the LA County Fair! It was fun! I think I put about 80 hours into it over 4 weeks. I was notified about 6 weeks before the deadline and then I left town for work so I lost a chunk of time! I guess I’m supposed to apply in January if I want to do this next year! Though, I might not be able to do it next year because of my Master’s Thesis and possible job hunting, we’ll see!

Tablescape: Day 1

Well, the table is all set up and the fair and judged! So, I’m going to write up a few posts showing some of the steps and at the end reveal the complete table and my score 🙂

Should be a very good reminder for me about all of the work I put into it!


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