Tablescape: Candlesticks and Bottles

Through my thrifing, I picked up a set of white candlestick holders. They were super nice looking and had an umpteen amount of paint on them already from past owners so I added mine to their history!


I did cover the table before starting. I did two layers of paint and I did some sanding before the first layer and after the first layer!


The result were these things! My husband said they looked like edible chocolate! Well, that is likely not what I want so I added some black paint them them too!


Before on the left, after on the right.

Spots wanted to help with this part. But, we’ve recently instituted a “no cats on the table/counter” policy as they are repeatedly trying to burn themselves … So, Spots went back down onto the chair (chairs are okay).

The bottles were sadly not a thirft store find. The wine bottle is from Trader Joes, and the blue jug is from Home Goods.


It was already a little worn looking right from the store so I just needed to add a few details!

First I blocked out the edges with black marker since my larges sticker didn’t cover the whole space.


Then I affixed a sticker with “Barliman’s Best” written on it to the jug!


Plus some string and it was done!

The wine bottle was pretty simple too! I used my “alcohol dissolves glue” trick on the wine bottle to remove the sticker/label.


Then again with the new label and the string! Plus, this one got the addition of an “H” in melted wax stamped onto it. The H stamp is from when me and my husband tied the knot over 7 years ago (used it on the invites, except in white wax) and the red wax is from the Hogwarts Invite I made for my eldest Nephew’s 11th BDay earlier this year =)


The label says “Hobbiton Wineyard 1296”

I was able to get these two bottles knocked out in a single evening after work! I was so glad to not catch a summer cold during the two weeks before the table’s set up date or this would have been impossible to finish!

Next is the linens and then the table reveal! =) Almost, there! I hope to get them all published before the fair closes but that is next week already lol


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