Tablescape: The Linens

I am not good a sewing. I can hem pants and fix something small but general seamstress-ness is not in my skill set. I’ve always wanted it to be though and it would be great to be able to do but currently I don’t have those skills =(

So! This part of my project was a bit hard and could have been better had I had, as I love to say, more time!


At least I do own a sewing machine. And by “own” I mean have on an extended multi-year loan from my Grandma … in fact, I’ve had it so long she bought a “new” one (she picked up an old one similar to one she had when she was younger at Good Will last year).

So, I got the sewing machine out of the cupboard and set to work! I had cut my napkins to shape and the table cloth was already the correct size. For those two, I got some $14.99 table cloths from Big Lots. I was super happy with them and their cost!


Oh yeah, I also made a super thin table runner! With tassels on the ends! What? I’m so awesome =p

Anyway, here are some progress photos! Not as many as I would like and I’m completely missing all photos of the edging I added to the table cloth! That edging was expensive, I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of it!




You would think that sewing wouldn’t be time consuming because you can use a machine to do the actual sewing part but it is super time consuming! Plus, when I was done I used a hot glue gun to add trim to the edges of the napkins! Also, all of the edges were finished with some fray preventive stuff and then of course they were ironed …


For the table runner, I used some more of the red table cloth that I had cut up for the napkins.


I pinned it, sewed it down the middle … turned it inside out and ironed it!


I don’t have a picture of it (I’ll take one when I go to take the table down next week), but I had sewed the edges and then added tassels to the ends of the table runner =)


There is a tiny glimpse of the table cloth’s edging at the bottom of the picture.


I think the napkins turned out really pretty! They were a good size for my over-sized silverware!

Alright, next post is the reveal! I’m excited to share =)



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