Tablescape: The Judging

Several weeks of work and multiple DIY projects later and I finally got to set my table up at the LA County Fair. Today is the last day of the fair which means in 2 days I get to go and take the whole thing down! Will I do it next year? I’m not so sure yet! =)

Here is a close up of a single table setting. I read about making table settings as symmetrical as possible so I spent some time walking around the table tweaking this or that. I had my eldest nephew with me when I went to set up and he noticed right before we left that the little Crystal Bread Plates had a non-repeating pattern! I then quickly ran around and rotating them so they matched!


One place setting.

To get everything from my home to the fair, I had to pack it up in 4 different rubber maid containers. My husband brought a push cart type thing home from his work so I could use it to ferry everything from my car into the fair. Which helped a ton!


The set up was fun! We were there about 2.5 hours getting it done. I didn’t think it would take so long but I wasn’t leaving unless everything was as perfect as it could be! You can see the empty table behind me there, there ended up being 3 empty spots this year =(


The summary of what is on the table:
Bread plate and bread knife
Flatware: dinner fork, dinner spoon, salad spoon, dinner spoon
Moscow mule mug for mead and silver wine goblet for wine
Dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl

Behind all this I had my “display” of candles, books, wine bottle, and jug

And, my score was ….. *drumroll***


70!!!! Nooo … I worked so hard, I wanted at least a B!!! =( That’s okay though! I’m still very happy I did this and if I do it again I have a lot of different ideas and now some experience that I can draw upon =)

My deductions, in order of how much they bugged me:

#1 dishes too far from the edge of the table: they were 2″, 2″ is not too far!

#2 finger prints on wine goblets: yeah … they were old and probably I should have gotten different ones (the gold on the glasses wore through the silver in the shape of some people’s dirty fingers, it was noticeable)

#3 napkins not folded properly: I don’t want to “blame’ my husband for this so I won’t but he
“suggested” I fold my napkins so they lay flatter instead of folding them in a rectangle … so I folded them strangely and lost points … totally my fault ….

#4 no wow factor: awe …. I guess compared to the winners my table was plain so I understand but this was the saddest comment …

#5 personal affront to my penmanship: I know I can’t write well, no need to rub it in! lol

Goal for the next time is to get an 80+ I want a B not a C! ~~~


I did really have a lot of fun doing this and regardless if I do it again next year or do it again in a few years, I know I’ll compete again! it was fun to stretch my imagination and creativity in this new direction.

Thank you for reading! Back to our normally scheduled programming =p



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