Quick Batch of Auntie Crystal’s Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Made some of my chocolate chip cookies over the weekend! Total was about 4 dozen~  I’m the Auntie in the title, apparently my nephews really like these =)


I got out all of the ingredients plus the …



And …



Then I was reminded that I had kittens …



So, I plopped them in the bedroom, shut the door, and carried on!

Ingredients Used Were:
Brown Sugar, 1 cup
White Sugar, 1 cup
1tsp each of salt, baking soda, baking powder
Eggs, 2
Vanilla Extract, 1 lot (maybe 2 tsp? I don’t measure this)
Butter, 1 cup
Flour, 2 cups (and a little more until the right texture is there)
Chocolate Chips, 3 cups
Oreos, all of them =p

All cookies were assembled on trays then chilled then baked. Baked at 425° for 10~ minutes or until done!

In progress …

Well combined, time for chips!

I divided the dough into parts. 1/4 for white chocolate chips and 3/4 for milk chocolate chips. We kept the while chocolate ones for ourselves and gave away the milk chocolate ones! =)

3/4 of the dough got milk chocolate chips =)

I chill the dough all ready to be baked on top of Oreo cookies in the fridge!

Then I got out the white chocolate chips and began to pour them into the remaining dough when instead I dropped a bunch on the floor ….

Had to sweep this up ASAP!

Back on track here with the white chocolate~

I baked 4~ sheets of cookies which took about an hour of baking and 30 minutes of prep and another 30 minutes of dishes/clean up … so, about 2 hours of time I got to eat yummy cookies and share them with family and co-workers!

I pulled them out of the oven when they were super puffy! If I let them deflate in the oven, then that means they were over cooked! The puffier the better when I pull them out so they can cook/cool outside of the oven =)

My biggest fishy bowl has a chip!

That is only half of the cookies in that bowl! With the Oreos under them they really take up a lot of space!

The cookies turned out super chewy and delicious. Got lots of compliments on this batch! I think after 3 or so years of trying to make cookies from scratch and not from a mix I’ve finally succeeded! Yay! =)

Had to throw that bowl out after the picture, I guess I’ll just have to survive with only owning 2 fishy bowls *sniff sniff*


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