September Puppy and Kitten Pics~

All the time I struggle between posting the cutest pictures of my pets or the okay but not the cutest pictures of my pets every month. It’s hard because I want to keep the super cute ones to myself.


I can’t believe the kittens are 6 months old now! I feel like the years are just going by faster and faster!  Dottie-Dotts loves to sit in the windows. She’ll come running when I open them and then jump pretty high to get to them! Of the two kittens, she’s the jumper!

Our pitbull has an ear infection. Apparently, in dogs the infection can destroy the ear drum! Amazingly though, the ear drum can grow back! So, Penny gets to take some fun antibiotics and spend all of her time in doors for the next few months while she heals up a bit. The vet said it might just be allergies that caused it =(

Lucy showing me her dirty chew toy … look at how happy it is!

The kittens love to romp and play on everything! Even each other! Look at those little tufts of kitten fur, that doesn’t happen casually!

Not really a cute picture, I can see how sad Penny looks in it. She’d much rather spend all day outside laying in the sun than sleeping on her bed. The sun is #1 for Penny! Once her ear is better, she’ll be able to go outside again but she doesn’t know that! =(


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