More Cookies ~

When I made the brownies last week, this is what became of the remaining cookie dough! Same batch of cookies as always, still super yummy! As much as I like baking new things, I like baking the things I’m good at more!

So, here is a quick pic montage of this batch of cookies! Nothing special, nothing I haven’t’ posted before =)

Out of the oven and ready to eat!

I didn’t run out of Oreos I just anted to make some normal cookies too! I slightly over baked them though.

Had a bite of one right out of the oven! Everything was gooey!

Cookie Recipe ~
1 Cup+ of Chocolate Chips
1 Cup White Sugar
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Cup Butter
1 tsp salt + baking soda + baking Powder
2 Cups Flour (give or take a bit)
Vanilla Extract
2 Eggs

That is it off of the top of my head, just in case someone needs a recipe! =)


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