A Mitsuwa Trip and a Review of Goku-Uma Miso Ramen Cup

My husband and I listen to the Japanese Morning Radio Show out here in Los Angeles during the week. It starts at 8am which means if I’m listening to it, I’m late for work! Anyway, through the radio we heard about the Mitsuwa Hokkaido fair they were having in September!

This was our first time driving out to the Mitsuwa in Torrance, took an hour to get there!

The Mitsuwa is definitely a great place to go! The food options were way more than I expected! Though could have more seating though lol We, and everyone else, had to scout out a place to sit while ordering out food.

Husband had some yummy looking Ramen. I had some croquettes and his rice =)

And! Since this was the Hokkaido Food Fair, my husband also tried Squid stuffed with rice that was at the special food display.

After lunch we did a quick spin around the store and then home! Though I mentioned Goku Ramen in the title of this post I’m going to show some picture of the Hokkaido Ice Creme cake we bought first!















I really enjoy the subtly sweet taste of Japanese sweets ~ The cake came already sectioned into 10 pieces and so all we did was serve them up and eat!

Finally, the Goku-Uma Ramen I got from Mitsuwa! This was the Miso Flavor. There were two packets inside the package. One packet of dehydrated veggies and the other with the Miso flavoring.

The flavor was quite mild and tasty. There was just a small hint of heat to the broth. Overall, I will definitely buy this again if I come across it!


















Well, that was it for our trip to Mitsuwa! We’re going to go again sometime, once we’ve forgotten how long the drive was! =)






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