How to Burn Pumpkin Bread in 3 Steps!

Step 1: make the Pumpkin Bread! I don’t often use mixes for baking but I read through the Trader Joe’s advertisement thing (Flyer something …) and decided their Pumpkin Bread Mix sounded yummy!

The recipe doesn’t call for raisins, I just like them so I added a half a cup!


I have not tried to make pumpkin bread from scratch before just pumpkin pie and it had been awhile since I’ve even eaten pumpkin bread so I didn’t quite remember what it should taste like!


One bowl, one bowl! I’m sure it is lots of fun to mix your dry goods and wet goods separately. But, that means using two bowls and two mixing utensils! No dishwasher at my house so forget that! One bowl, one bowl!


Oh yeah, look at what I remembered to do! Parchment in the pan!


Step 2: Put your awesomely prepared Pumpkin Bread in the oven and set a timer!

Those things happened, I really did set a timer but then something else happened too. I had down and started watching the first episode of Westworld! Wow was it good! So, good I didn’t hear the timer go off at all …

Step 3: Forget about your Pumpkin Bread in the oven while watching Westworld =(


I estimate that it was in there about an hour and 20 minutes … I think the box asked for about 55 minutes … It is very dark almost blackish brown on the top with black on all edges.

But, thanks to the parchment paper it came out of the bread pan super fast!


No unexpectedly, it was dry.


The ends were inedible. The raisins turned out to be a good choice!


I tried some while it was cooling and … well, I don’t want to judge the mix too much because I also super burned it … but, It wasn’t very Pumpkin-y at all … Really just tasted like bread with some raisins in it.


I cut up the edible bits and wrapped them in plastic to be eaten throughout the week. They aren’t horrible … but, they feel like a fraction of what they could have been!

Next time I’ll bake pumpkin bread from scratch and see if that has some real pumpkin flavor .. and, ya know, I’ll also try to not burn it horribly! But, Westworld is really good so I don’t really have any regrets lol =)


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