Peanut Butter Rice Crispy treats with Choclate Chips on Top!

I make this for my Grandma a few times a year, its from the side of the Trader Joe’s Rice Krispy Cereal box.

The recipe is:

1 cup Agave

1 cup Peanut Butter

7 cups Crispy Cereal

I added some Chocolate chips on top!





This time I made it because she is recovering from knee replacement surgery! It was elective surgery but she is still stuck at home for the most part right now =(

It’s always fun to make this and because of that I know I’ve posted it on here before. Also, the whole thing takes about 10 minutes! Yay for a quick treat~


My witches brew of Agave and Peanut Butter boiling away~


I recommend mixing the ingredients together in something bigger than a Pyrex container … you’ll have less spillage.


I just press down the rice crispy mixture and then added some chocolate chips to the top. I then pressed those down too.



That’s it, nothing fancy! =) Will post again soon!


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