Red Rasin and Oatmeal Cookies~

Well, I made these around Halloween because my husband said “Dye them Red” … I guess he thinks like the Queen of Hearts =p


As with like 99% of baking recipes, I started with butter in a mixer … softened butter to be precise!


The recipe was directly from the Sun-Maid website, I guess the company was celebrating 100 years and giving out small cookbooks? I didn’t get one but  co-worker did and when I saw the recipe I knew it was perfect for me!


After beating the butter, I added sugar and all of the other stuff? Not sure what it was, good thing I took a picture of the recipe!


My table was getting a bit full and messy while I was doing this! Our table pulls out to double in size but then I lose all mobility in the kitchen! The life of living in a tiny tiny home!

I went for the pink color instead of the red because I honestly do not like the taste of red food coloring!




Another pic of the mess >< I hand mixed in the raisins because I was sure some would get smooshed if I did it with the mixer!



I let the dough refrigerate for about an hour before making the dough balls for baking, I like my dough to be super chill!


And the result was super flat cookies! This is only my second or third time making oatmeal raisin cookies but I was hoping for a bit more puff … they were yummy though and I loved the chewy-ness!


I think the cookies were split three ways? My Dad, my Husband’s work, and home! It made a bit more than 4 dozen! So many cookies! This is the recipe though, I don’t think I’ll make any changes before next time! =)



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