Perfecting My Toffee

I’m truly uncertain as to how many times I’ve made Toffee since last fall … less than a dozen times surely … but, I’ve come a long way since my first try!

The recipe seems to be:
16oz sugar
16oz butter
8oz chocolate (I’m using milk chocolate)
6oz almonds

You’ll absolutely need a candy thermometer! They butter and sugar will not really combine u too they hit 200 degrees and they foam up really tall. I recommend using a deep sauce pan (I used a shallow one only because I have to use the deep one for my chocolate melting).

When it hits 280 degrees, the mixture begins to settle and change color. Hard Crack starts at 300 degrees so I try to keep it between 300-310 degrees for a few minutes while it continues to go from bubbly to a smooth cream.

Before I started this I did prep my almonds by beating them a bit in a frying pan. It makes the kitchen smell like peanut butter (almond butter ><) which is nice!

I also used sliced and chopped almonds in the Toffee. The sliced go under the chocolate and the scooped go on top! If you put the chopped under the chocolate it is super hard to smooth the chocolate all around.

When you first pour the Toffee into the pan, be warned that it will mostly stay in one spot. So, I recommend spreading it out as much as you can. I do this recipe in a normal sized cookie sheet with a parchment floor. I cannot imagine how un-fun this would be without parchment.

After spreading out the mixture, air bubbles will go away leaving a lovely smooth surface!

Then I added on the sliced almonds. I didn’t do anything else now except let this sit out on my kitchen table and hope that the kittens don’t wake up from their nap …

I started to melt the chocolate in my double boiler at this point. I had the fire on low and I let the chocolate keep heating after it was melted so the chocolate was runny and easy to spread.

If you plan to pour the chocolate straight from your double boiler onto the Toffee then please be sure to wipe the water off of the bottom of the boiler. It is probably easier to transfer the chocolate to another bowl first but I don’t have a dishwasher and I’d already dirtied 5 bowls for the pictures …

I got an even spread of the chocolate and then sprinkled the remaining almonds on top.

I lightly patted the almonds into the chocolate to be sure they stuck nicely. Though I understood that the large pieces are not likely to stick at all …

Penny and Lucy supervised my Toffee preparation. They don’t get to have any, which is perplexing to them hehe šŸ™‚

I left the whole shebang in the freezer to harden for about 2 hours. I’ve tested it at 1 hour before and it’s been fine but I was doing stuff so 2 or more hours seems to be when I get back to toffee.

When I first pulled it out the toffee was super pale in color and I got worried! However, the color warmed up as the toffee … I do think the almond flavor was a bit strong in this batch so I’ll wait on corroborating feedback before I make any determinations/changes about that.

I was curious as to how much toffee this actually made so I put the empty plate on my food scale, set the scale to zero and loaded it up …

This recipe made 44.99oz. of toffee … so 2.8lbs of toffee … Yeah, this habit might not be the best for when I’m getting ready for another Disney Marathon weekend lol


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