Penny and Lucy Pics for Feb. 2017!!

Awe man, just because I haven’t posted any pics of my lovelies doesn’t mean that they haven’t been adorable!

So, our two kittens are about 10 months old now. Humphrey (to the left of Lucy) is 11 pounds! That is nuts! Anywho …he likes to nap with Lucy and Penny on their bed in the kitchen … Lucy doesn’t particularly like that he does this (you can tell by her sullen look) but Penny doesn’t mind … as long as Penny is warm she’s happy!

It’s almost hard to believe that they are from the same litter. Dottie is a normal sized cat but Humphrey just kept growing. They like to nap on the chair next to the heater, smart cats!

We’ve been getting a bit of rain every week so far this year in California. And, it seems on this particular day we forgot an umbrella on the back porch when we went to work. I game home to two happy dogs one of which (Lucy) had destroyed said umbrella.

We did do another snow/cabin weekend at the beginning of February this year which was fun! I think Penny actually had the most fun because she cuddled up by the heater there (we also rolled her up in a blanket), she ran around super enthusiastically in the snow and sat up straight and stared out the window the whole drive up and down the mountain! Lucy had a nice time too but didn’t grasp the concept of peeing in the snow so instead she peed in the cabin three times and I owe my Mom a new kitchen rug for up there ><

I’ve already taken some cute March pictures but I’ll wait to post them when I have a bunch more! =))


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