Birthday Cake 2016 ~

My birthday is 6 days before Christmas so naturally it was several months ago … but, I did make a cake šŸ™‚

I made a two layer chocolate cake in a 9″ cake pan and …. I used a mix ><

It was the same vegan and gluten free cake mix that I had used previously for my Grandpa and it was great! So, I was happy to use it again … busy times call for crazy measures! It’s called Wholesome Chow though I buy it at Whole Foods and not online =)

I made some neon pink icing to go with … the color was Wilton gel icing colors which can be super bright! I also put my cake layers in the freezer before icing them … They were actually in there for about 4 days because I happened to have time the week before my birthday to make the cake part and wanted to take advantage of it!

I didn’t cut my bottom layer to make it more flat, instead I just built it up with frosting !! The delicious alternative =p

I really liked the color popping between the layers! Bright frost in is so pretty šŸ™‚ The sides remained unfrosted because I ran out of frosting lol …. and, I just thought there was no way in heck I would be able to match that color with a second batch!

Well, I turned 32 so 11 candles made no sense but it was the last of the box of candles I had so I just used them all!

Crumb and frosting pic šŸ™‚

And a slice on my cute Adventureland Plates~~ I had only bought two of the plates and when I finally bought two more Disney had changed the size! Now I have a plate collection rather than a plate set ><

My Dad made me a cute little box for my Birthday and it just happened to match the cake I had made myself!

Two servings and a mess =p


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