Alright, I did do Christmas dinner from scratch this past year but didn’t manage to take many pictures. I did want to share a few from my first time making apple pie though! Maybe I’ll have time to make some more now =)

The crust was a very basic recipe: flour, butter, water. Turned out great and I did chill it in the freezer overnight (basically put them in Christmas Eve before heading out to Universal Studios!). The pie crust turned out great! Overnight chilling is highly recommended!

I did have some extra dough so I made the top of my pie extra fancy! I used a Christmas tree cookie cutter to add some decorations, which I think were cute 🙂

And, I also made my second ever pumpkin pie! It too was amazing! I wish it didn’t take so long to make these pies because they are delicious!

Here’s to more posting! 🙂


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