White Chocolate and Pecan Things? ~~

I think there is something literally wrong with my brain. As I made these, I constantly thought “why isn’t this looking like normal cookie dough?” … Well, Crystal, the answer to that is that you forgot to add eggssssssssssssssssssssss! lol!

Yep, there are all of the ingredients I used … no eggs that’s for sure ><

Why is it so crumbly? I continued to wonder this as things went on but I kept going anyway!

The cookies were also crumbly and they didn’t cook up much … *I’m shaking my head as I write this … I can’t believe I didn’t notice!*

Well, since the cookies didn’t turn out I decided to make the rest of the “batter” into bars …

Who knows how long I cooked this for … it really felt disaster-y …

I feel like if I had been on the Great British Baking Show Paul would have said “You got the flavors right, but the texture is all wrong” … I would have cried in the tent!

They really did taste fine, I took them to work (before I resigned) and they got eaten up straight away!

Thankfully, forgetting eggs is an abnormal occurrence!



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