Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and a Broken Oven -_-

Unlike Chocolate Chip Cookies, I have yet to perfect my Oatmeal Raisin Cookies … And, this attempt was no different .. in fact, it was likely the worst of them all!

I prepared the ingredients before hand, notice that there is an egg in this picture.

At this point we could have not added the oats or raisins and had different cookies but alas we moved forward with the plan =p

I chilled my little dough balls after I put them on the cookie sheets but before putting them in the oven … obviously, obviously >< This is the last thing that went well …

So, it would seem that the oven that came with the house when we bought it 7 years ago has decided that it no longer cares to be a specific temperature.

I set the oven the 350. Then, after 15 minutes, it was only at 350. So, I turned the temperature up to 400 hoping that it would then reach 375. Oh boy did it! I checked the oven a few minutes later, saw it was 375 so I popped the cookies into the oven and set an 8 minute timer. At 6 minutes I noticed that something was wrong. ..

The cookies were burning and the oven thermometer that I keep in the oven (which is how I knew what the temperature actually was) was at max! The highest the thermometer goes is 550 degrees and it was at max! My oven only goes to 475! So … 550+ should have been impossible!

So the cookies are burnt and I’m in the market for a new oven … I took the rest of my cookie dough to my Mom’s to bake up but her oven also has issues ><

So, out of 4 sheets of cookies … I got one sheet that was okay… pictured below. >>

They were yummy but there is still room for improvement in the recipe … mostly there is room for improvement in my oven lol =)


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