Vegetarian Fried Chicken… Wha?? ;)

Well, I don’t really have any memories of ever eating fried chicken as I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 9 years only so 33~ years? … woah … Any way, my husband said it was great and I’m certain he has had fried chicken much more recently than I have!

Apparently, you have to use a like a giant amount of oil to fry “chicken” so I did just that. then I heated it waaaaaay hot and added my “chicken” =p

So, my batter was: Flour, Egg, and milk (pretty sure I added milk)

So, the thing on the left is a Vegetarian Chicken Breast(?) which I cut up and pre-cooked on a frying pan before putting each one into my batter!

This was a messy process! I mixed them around in the batter then dropped them into my dredge one at a time. The dredging stuff was flour, pepper, salt, and paprika.

Then it was into the fryer!

I was super worried they were going to be dry so I pulled my first 3-4 out of the batter after about 5 minutes … they were pale but done. I left the rest in for between 7-9 minutes and got a super brown and crispy exterior!

This was a really yummy dinner and I’m going to be making more this week! I made these before my oven broke and I just got my new oven yesterday (there was a 2 week time lapse between the breaking and replacing) so I’ll be able to roast up some potatoes to go along again! yay!

So yummy!~~


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