March 2017: Puppy and Kitten Pics

Got some cute ones last month and, of course, already started taking more for this month!

It is impossible to keep the couch fur-free with those tails swishing around!

All three cats on my desk. Humphrey is even standing on my keyboard! I’m glad I wasn’t trying to get anything done >< Also, apparently this is the best window in the house? I didn’t know …

Since I’m currently job hunting while I finish up my degree, the dogs are getting weekly baths again! Lucy likes it (see the wagging tail above). Penny doesn’t (no need to post a pic of her sad face).

The sun is back and the puppies love it! The grass also loves it and thinks that growing weeds is its new full time job!

Even when Penny is inside, she’d prefer to have herself some sun! ~~

Humphrey was the first to test drive the new stove for how good of a place to nap it is! I didn’t thank him for this ><

Got some more posts coming this week since the new stove is in and tested! =)


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