Chocolate Chip Cookies and a New Oven #1

New oven has arrived and been installed! It’s great! Holds the correct temperature and no hot spots! It also has fan which is to keep everything cooking evenly while baking!

There we go, all installed! I didn’t realize before we bought it but the sides don’t have stainless steel, just the front does. Kinda strange but since every time I looked at the stove it was on display between other stoves, I’m not surprised that I didn’t notice this before.

Alright, this is part 1 of a 3 part cookie baking adventure. The first two bakes were not okay but the last one was great! I went back to the basics with the first batch and did the exact Nestle Cookie Recipe. Usually, I modify it quite a bit but not this time!

Er, well I did use Milk Chocolate Chips instead of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. My husband likes the Milk Chocolate ones so he gets to pick, I bake to please!

But, without the modifications, the recipe sucked!

Flat as pancakes … the chocolate chips stood up in the middle like deformed mountains … at least they didn’t stick to the pan …

Results: Failure, I’ll only make this recipe again if I use the modifications that I was using before but I won’t use it as is


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