Chocolate Chip Cookies and a New Oven #3

This is the last recipe in this little cookie series. I have a good understanding of my oven now and a new recipe that I really like! Plus I am not a part of the melted-butter-cookie-making-train, toooot tooot =p

The recipe for this one is not a time tested recipe in the traditional sense. But, the internet baking community has tested it at least 14,000 times if the rating system is accurate!

Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is my very first time melting butter before adding it to a cookie recipe and I am all on board with doing that forever!

The consistency of the cookie dough is completely different with this method. I wasn’t expecting it to look creamy and be so moist. And, until the first batch was out of the oven, I was completely terrified that they were just going to completely melt out during baking!

Thankfully, I was super pleasantly surprised! They didn’t turn horrible in the oven but turn awesome! Yay!

I baked the first two sheets according to the recipe but then the husband and I had a date at the movies (we saw Ghost in the Shell) so I plopped the rest of the dough in the fridge. Thankfully, I just lowered the temperature a bit and tried to bring them up to room temperature before baking and had equal levels of success with the refrigerated dough!

Oh yeah, that is what I had been missing while making the other two recipes! I used Milk Chocolate Chips for this recipe too btw =)

They were about a quarter inch to just under half an inch thick. I was so happy with them! They tasted great, soft and chewy, out of the oven but my husband likes cold cookies so they became crunchy in the fridge.

For the last sheet of cookies with this batch, I added some Kraft Caramel bits to it. These are soft caramel so they melt like chips and harden like … really hard stuff? Toffee? Yeah, Toffee.

Result: Well, this recipe made me quite happy! I think I’ll still try out some more recipes (just picked up Milk Bar Life which has a Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe of its own!). But, these cookies had a great texture and most importantly were actual cookies! And, something I enjoyed the most is that they are meant to go straight from preparing to baking without chilling. A++ !!


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